Annual Reports

The CLS is proud to showcase success stories over the year in our Annual Reports. We celebrate with paintings and art created by the artists we support at Studio73 and PotteryWorks. Each year includes an “easy read” copy of the Annual Report that is accessible for everyone to follow.

Performance Measurement Reports

The Community Living Society (CLS) produces a Performance Measurement Report annually. This report tracks and summarizes the identified outcomes of CLS programs and services. The information and analysis derived from the Performance Measurement process is used to highlight areas of strengths and identify areas requiring improvements.

The annual Performance Measurement Report is part of CLS’s continuous quality improvement and Integrated Planning Framework. The report  provides essential information to CLS’s management and Board of Directors to allow them to monitor and make improvements to service delivery. It is expected that the outcome results will assist the CLS employees to be more responsive to the needs of adults with an intellectual disability and their families who are served by the Society.