The CLS provides services to adults (over the age of 19) with a Developmental Disability (DD), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or Personalized Supports Initiative (PSI) designation. The CLS is dedicated to connecting you with the unique services and supports you need to live a full, happy, empowered life.

The CLS offers you a wide range of home and community-based supports including: shared and staffed homes, supported and independent living, individual (or shared) support to access the community, learn independence skills or find paid or volunteer work, and employment services.

One of the most important first steps to developing successful support for you is finding the right match between you and your support worker. Once we learn a little bit more about you, we work to find the right person to best meet your needs.

Using person-centered planning, we consult with you, together with your family and friends, to identify the goals that will maximize your independence and community opportunities. The plan is revisited on a regular basis to ensure that as you grow and change, the plan continues to meet your needs.

The My Home – My Community brochure below contains detailed information about all CLS programs, including hours of service.

Home & Community

The Community Living Society provides home support to over 300 people in apartments and detached homes located throughout the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and the Upper Fraser Valley.


At CLS we believe that everyone who wants to work – can work

Planning & Support

Living a full, quality life requires planning and support. We can help you reach your goals, and be a full citizen in your community.