Through clear planning and with the right amount of support you can achieve your goals.

At CLS, supported individuals direct their services through the person centered planning process that identifies the goals to be achieved and the specific steps and strategies to help the individual succeed. With the support of your chosen network we assist you to build your plan and develop your skills so that you can “Imagine it – Live it”.

  • Goals are specific and are linked to the Quality of Life Domains – we ask “What do you want? What is important to you in your life?”
  • Steps and Strategies are identified and developed to assist you and your support team to stay on track, build confidence in your successes, learn from challenges, while motivating you and building on your strengths.
  • We support you in determining what additional tools, resources, and assistance are required to help you meet your desired goals. Together we track your successes and celebrate your achievements in a way that is meaningful to you.

All CLS staff are trained in Person Centered Active Supports (PCAS), which means we focus on your engagement in all aspects of life. We believe that with the right amount of support everyone can be successful and live a full life.

Person Centred Planning

Planning to assist in achieving specific, measurable goals.

Family Support

Families of people with disabilities are often the best source of support to each other. However, families sometimes need help to connect with each other to offer this support. The Community Living Society helps bring families together.