The members of the Community Living Society leadership team bring a broad range of life and work experiences in identifying and serving the needs of people with disabilities.

Janice Barr, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Since the early 1980s, Janice Barr has been instrumental in the evolution of community living in B.C.  In January 2020, Janice became the Chief Executive Officer for the Community Living Society. Janice brings over thirty 30 of experience and leadership in the Community Living field. She is a passionate advocate for person-centered and responsive supports for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.  Janice began her long career and involvement in the Community Living sector by providing direct support to people with an intellectual disability and their families.  This experience continues to form the basis of her decisions.

Janice has held two previous positions as a CEO or Executive Director of a Community Living organizations as well as many sector wide leadership positions, including Advisory Board member of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at University of British Columbia, Director and past Chair of the Community Social Services Employers Association, Director for the BCCEO Network and, founding member of the BC Employment Network.

Brenda Henderson, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Brenda began her career with CLS in 2007, and has a degree in Psychology and Criminology. Brenda worked for several years as a support worker in both Day Supports and Staffed Home settings. She has held a series of progressively more senior roles throughout the years including Assistant Coordinator, Coordinator, Director of Programs. Brenda’s most recent role was as the Director of Policy and Practice; a newly established role in which she made significant contributions to the modernization and development of systems within the organization.  Brenda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise of CLS and the Community Living sector. Her combinations of direct experience with the people we support and their families, as well as strong leadership  and administrative skills will serve the organization well in the years to come. 


Aaron McQueen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Aaron joined the CLS in 2014 but has been working in Finance and Accounting since 2004.   He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Accounting and earned his Chartered Professional Accounting designation in 2009.  His work experience includes various accounting roles in a broad range of industries such as IT, Food Services, and other not-for-profit service providers.  Aaron is responsible for preparing the financial statements, cash management and reviewing the day-to-day financial transactions as well as managing the Finance team.

Jasmine Sandhu, Finance Controller

Jasmine Sandhu is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and experienced professional with over a decade of progressive financial, assurance, and leadership experience. As the Finance Controller at Community Living Society (“CLS”), she is responsible for oversight of the Finance Department to reinforce the short-term and long-term strategic objectives of the Society and its Senior Executive Team.

Before CLS, Jasmine worked as an experienced auditor. She effectively planned and lead teams throughout a variety of audit engagements for real estate, construction, development, agriculture, and not-for-profit entities. Jasmine values empowerment and development. She aims to utilize her unique talents and skillset to make a meaningful, sustainable, and positive impact for the Society, the individuals it serves, and the community.

Alvin Sidhu, Accounting Manager

Alvin is a CPA with a Bachelor of Business Administration concentrating in Accounting and Operations Management. Alvin has 5+ years experience in the finance and accounting industry. He previously worked as an experienced auditor in public practice as well as a Corporate Accountant in the lumber industry. Alvin has planned and lead audit teams for a variety of audit engagement in a variety of industries.

As the Accounting Manager at Community Living Society, he is responsible for oversight of the accounting team and assisting in training employees in best practices around accounting transactions and completing reconciliations. He is also responsible for reviewing payroll processing and leading/supporting the team for financial statement preparation, the year-end audit, as well as any tax filing requirements.

Samantha Dickson, Senior Project Consultant

Samantha coordinates and executes identified organization-wide projects in alignment with organizational strategy. Working collaboratively across all departments to support continuous improvement initiatives, she works to ensure successful implementation and adoption of priority projects.

Beginning her career in Human Resources, Samantha joined CLS in 2015 as a Certified Professional in Human Resources. She worked as the Manager of Human Resources until 2019 and then as then as the Director of Projects and Policy, before moving into a moved into a project-based role.

Samantha has experience across the non-profit sector and brings a passion for continuous improvement to her role.

Director of Policy and Practice

Currently Vacant

Elke Tilgner, Director of Programs

Elke’s background is in service provision and coordination. She brings many years of expertise through all service categories within CLS. She began her career as a Vocational Coordinator, then assumed the Director of Vocational Services position where she was responsible for the ongoing review and development of all CLS’s vocational programs. A few years later she assumed the regional oversight of both staffed homes and vocational (day) supports in the South Fraser, then Simon Fraser Region. Elke’s dedication to helping individuals experience a higher quality of life was demonstrated through the inception of CLS’s employment program under her direction with over 100 individuals actualizing their employment dreams.

Elke also expanded CLS’s Home Share Program from 25 home shares to 60. Her passion in new business development was key in the development of CLS’s two art programs Studio 73 and PotteryWorks, both have reached international exposure and acclaim for their art creations and community presence. Over the past number of years, demand has increased for independent living options and housing partnerships with other non-profits such as New Chelsea Society and Co-ops. Elke is currently responsible for the ongoing review and development of CLS’s Supported and Independent Living programs, as well as Individualized Supports.

Elke works to promote community inclusion strategies that supports innovative practices, and community partnerships. She has been a certified Mandt Trainer, adept with Positive Behaviour support development, and Person-Centered Active Support.

Rachel Pearsall,  Director of Programs

Rachel is the Director of Programs – Home Share and Studios.  Rachel joined CLS in 2021 bringing a variety of experience with her from supporting in Staffed Homes, Day Program, Employment, as well as Operations and General Management.  She has over 16 years of experience as a support staff and Manager in various roles.

Rachel has worked closely with teams on program development, goal development, goal step implementation and organizational change management.  Rachel is passionate about Person Centered supports and helping all supported individuals live life to the fullest.

Max Sumner, Director of Programs

Max started with the Community Living Society in July, 2000 at the Surrey Access Centre. From 2000 to 2015 he worked in both homes and vocational services as a Community Living Counsellor, Assistant Coordinator, Coordinator, and the Vocational Revitalization Lead. As well he served on a few committees: Liaison, Joint Occupational Health and Safety, Resolving our Differences, and the Employee Representative Committee.  Having now completed the vocational revitalization project, Max has moved into Director of Programs role overseeing all day supports. Max has also helped develop and teach goals and goal setting to Coordinators and staff, he teaches Person Centred Active Support (or Active Support) development and training, and is a facilitator for Way of Thinking – days 1 and 4.

Marcela Herrera, Director of Programs

Marcela Herrera has been working with the CLS since April, 1996. She began her career in North Vancouver’s vocational services, then then worked in residential services where she was the Coordinator at two locations. Marcela has been part of several committees in her time with CLS, including the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, where she served as Co-Chair for 4 years. In 2016 she became certified as a Mandt instructor and now teaches CLS employees in this technique. Marcela was appointed Director of Programs in December, 2017. Her passion for community inclusion and person-centred support is always in the forefront of her work.

Jessica Beasley, Director of Programs

Jessica joined the CLS team in 2019 as a practicum student through Douglas College. Transitioning from her practicum, Jessica assumed the role of Community Living Counselor, followed by a Team Lead, Manager of Staffed Homes and now as a Director of Programs. Jessica’s has over 12 years of experience in supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities, which started with supporting children through various life stages as an Education Assistant, Behaviour interventionist and Support Worker.

Jessica was a member of the CLS Employee Representation Committee for 3 years and worked on the Emergency Response Team during COVID. Jessica has a vast experience and training with high medical needs individuals. Jessica has also been trained by the National Task Group on Intellectual Disability and Dementia Practices for supporting individuals living with Dementia.

Jessica has a passion for engaging all individuals to be a part of their community. She strives to maintain an active link with the families and work together to support individuals in living their best lives. She has experience navigating the medical system with the individuals she supports and has a passion for teaching others how to do the same.

Jessica focuses on teaching others how to be a Community Living Counselor that emulates person centred active support and one that empowers individuals to be independent and have control in their own lives. In her role as a Manager, she consistently mentored practicum students, including the pioneering support of the first student from Sprott Shaw College at CLS.

Lili Marian, Director of Programs

Lili began her journey with CLS in 2011, as a relief Counsellor in residential and home-based community inclusion support settings.  Lili gained the knowledge and experience to be able to progress through multiple roles at CLS.  She has held the titles of Coordinator, Manager and currently Director.

Lili’s strengths are building teams that work together to achieve the goal of supporting individuals to live their best life to the best of their abilities.  She constantly connects with families to ensure they are actively involved, and work together with staff teams in sharing responsibilities, and to offer the best possible support for the individuals to help them achieve their goals and constantly improve their quality of life.

Lili has focused on identifying team members with leadership abilities and has mentored and supported them to develop their skills.  She is involved with training and coaching new leaders and improving the skills and abilities of established ones using her extensive knowledge of Share Vision, licensing and CLBC requirements.

Judy Wilson, Manager of Human Resources

Judy joined the CLS in August 2019 to lead the HR team.  Prior to joining the CLS, Judy worked in several HR Manager roles in various organizations.  She also volunteered on the board of directors for the Creston District Society for Community Living.  Both her work and volunteer experience reinforced the relevance of leading a team of HR professionals who provide high quality service.  With a strong commitment to the CLS values, the HR team strives to support a welcoming, engaging and collaborative environment for each team member and supported individual. Currently, Judy’s role includes a collaborative partnership with operations in the oversight of all aspects of human resources including: employee relations, policy and procedure development, recruitment and retention, engagement initiatives, learning and development. Judy also acts as the Employer Co-Chair for the CLS Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee and plays an active role in the oversight of health and safety at the CLS.

Vicky Pascoe, Manager of Administration

Over the years, Vicky has gained depth and knowledge of company operations and administration. Vicky is responsible for all administrative processes at the Administration Centre including implementation, customization, training and management of various company-wide administration systems and communication/technology platforms, website management, liaising with the Board of Directors and all departments and vendors to ensure effective communications and relationships are maintained. Vicky is responsible for the supervision of the Administration Team.

Scott Baitz, Manager of Information Technology

Scott joined the CLS in 2021, brining his experience working in multiple technology industries. He has held multiple leadership roles and successfully guided many organizations through successful technology projects and implementations. Scott believes that technology should enhance and augment your work, not hinder it and strives to ensure that it does not get in your way. He is also enjoys rolling up his sleeves and digging into the work, no matter how large or small.

Scott is responsible for managing and overseeing the day-to-day technology systems and technology providers for CLS.


Luis Mata, Manager of Property and Fleet

Luis earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. He worked in infrastructure and engineering departments of pharmaceutical and property management organizations from 2017 until 2019, where he developed projects and oversaw the daily operations of facilities across Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara.

Then, he came to Canada to become a Master of Business Administration and earned his MBA degree in 2021. In Canada, he has worked with hospitality and real estate organizations as a maintenance analyst,  helped them to create processes to run the daily operations for a variety of assets across Vancouver, Arizona, Mexico City, and Dubai mainly. He also helped them to implement computerized maintenance management systems and integrate building management systems into their assets. He became a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) in 2021, since then, he has collaborated with construction and landscape organizations as a project manager. Here at CLS, Luis is looking forward to creating processes for the project, fleet, and maintenance management.

Luis is currently working on becoming a registered Professional Engineer with the province and upgrading his CAPM certificate to a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Jade Braunwell, Manager of Quality Assurance

Jade joined CLS in 2017, though has been working in the field since 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Arts specialization in Therapeutic Recreation and truly found her passion while directly supporting adults with intellectual disabilities. This time paved the way for Jade to work toward, learn and advocate for increased community inclusion, person-centred planning, and empowerment for all individuals. Her career related experience includes various roles in recreation therapy, program development, leadership, direct supports, and internal auditing. Jade’s role in quality assurance ensures CLS meets the requirements for accreditation by CARF and that all programs are aligned to the CLS values and mission. On a personal side, Jade is an equestrian, pet lover and enjoys being outdoors exploring the Pacific Northwest.