The Person Centered Planning process involves the individual and their chosen personal support network coming together to recognizes the unique gifts, strengths, talents and relationships of the individual. Person Centered Planning assists in the establishment of meaningful / purposeful goals that support the accomplishment of the individuals identified wants, needs and dreams.

We support individuals to set and achieve specific, measurable goals, and active engagement in all aspects of their lives by utilizing the Person Centred Active Supports (PCAS) approach, individuals will experience an increased quality of life. PCAS is the foundational approach we teach and employ when we support people.

What is Person-Centered Active Support?

It is purposeful/meaningful Engagement between the Supported Individual and CLS employees.

It is doing things with a person and not to or for them without their consent and involvement.

The elements of PCAS are:

  • Little and often
  • Graded assistance
  • Every moment has potential
  • Maximizing Choice and control

Employing Person Centred Active Support helps to meet CLS’s Mission “Supporting people to live as full citizens” by increasing and fostering more Involvement in people’s own lives they experience more, choice and control, empowerment and more and better relationships. People are no longer just receivers of care or observers but active participants in their own lives.