Home Share

Home Sharing is a unique lifestyle that supports independence and builds relationships between individuals, families and communities. Home Sharing is for individuals who want to share a home with a family or a person. Supports may include assistance with self-care and relationship building, life skills, meal preparation, personal care and use of community resources and services.

Home Share Providers support individuals to become fully integrated by treating them as equal participants in the home, family and community.

What to Consider if you are Thinking About Living in a Home Share

  • Do you want to live with a large or small family? Or just one other person?
  • Are you interested in living in a home with or without children?
  • Are you looking for a family/person that is busy and active in their community?
  • Do you want a home that has pets?
  • Do you have a preference as to the configuration of the home (basement suite vs. bedroom in a home)?
  • What type of skills are you looking to learn?

Placement Process

Once you have been referred to CLS as a person needing support in Home Share, you will be matched with the specific support abilities, (physical/mental/behavioural), interests and lifestyle of a Qualified Home Share Provider. There are many considerations involved in selecting the appropriate match for an individual and their family. These include:

  • Family input and selection
  • Location and community
  • Layout and space available in your home
  • Family dynamics and interests
  • Home Share Provider experience (medical/behavioural)

Home Share Providers:

  • Are inclusive people. They open their home and life to individuals, their family and networks. Home Share Providers, individuals and family and networks grow and absorb new insights in the process
  • Are open minded, encouraging, thoughtful, organized and collaborative people.
  • Are solution oriented; promote healthy humor, good communication and interpersonal interactions
  • Take care of themselves so they can provide Home Share support long-term
  • Work together with CLS and the individual’s support network to provide the best care possible
  • Develop, encourage and support goals for the individual
  • Provide ongoing support to the individual for independence and relationship building
  • Continuously report to CLS and the individual’s family and/or support network
  • Receive ongoing monitoring, support and training from CLS

For infomration about Home Share please contact Rachel Pearsall, Director of Programs