Staffed Homes

A staffed home is designed to provide the person with a home to live in where they receive support 24 hours per day from CLS employees.

Supported and Independent Living

Supported Living services are designed for people who want to live in a home that CLS manages but would need ongoing support to do so.

Independent Living is a service option that provides support to people living independently in the community and requires minimal assistance (up to 10 hours a week) in daily living.

Home Share

Home Share is a service option for people who want to share a life and home with a family or another person. The Home Share Provider supports the person in the home that they share together.

Community Inclusion

This service is designed for people who require ongoing support to participate in community. People are supported to have a meaningful and purposeful day, based on the their goals and preferences of activities. Activities may include volunteering, social/recreational opportunities or learning a new skill.

Individualized Supports

Individualized Supports are provided on a one-on-one basis (not group) and can occur in a person’s home or in the community.


The L.I.F.E. program is designed for those who wish to be employed, to grow, develop independence, expand their personal networks, and develop friendships and relationships.