Individualized Supports

Supports are one-on-one (not group) and can occur in an individual’s home or take part in community. The type of support provided can focus on skill development, community inclusion or outreach. Supports respond to the individual’s strengths, individuality and changing needs.

Support hours received will depend upon the individual’s current disability-related needs as determined by CLBC. These hours cover both direct service time with the individual (time with staff) and the time needed to support service development and ongoing support.  Supports will work with each individual and any other people they have chosen to help them to get started with services to confirm the number of hours our support staff will spend each week and how they want to use them.

  • What supports are the highest priority
  • How the individual wants to be supported – what type of support works best for them
  • Where and when to provide support so the individual gets the most from it
  • Who will be providing support

To find out more about Individualized Supports, contact Elke Tilgner, Director of Programs