A staffed home is designed to provide the person with a home to live in where they receive support 24 hours per day from CLS employees.

A full range of support is provided in the home including assistance with cooking, personal care, maintaining the home, seeking and receiving medical attention, etc. People are supported to access and engage in their community including recreational and leisure pursuits.

The goal is to help the person to gain the skills needed to be in control of their own life to the greatest degree possible. CLS also understands that families and friends are important, so we support people to develop and maintain these positive relationships.

Living in a staffed home may mean sharing the home with up to 3 others who also require support. Every person has their own room and shares the rest of the home as roommates.

To learn more about Staffed Homes, contact one of our Directors of Programs at 604.523.0303 or email them:

Marcela Herrera   mherrera@communitylivingsociety.ca

Lili Marian            imarian@communitylivingsociety.ca