Staffed Homes

Employees help you: to take care of your home, [with cooking, budgeting, personal care, recreation, seek and receive medical attention] be healthy and safe, improve your ability to communicate, stay in touch with the people you care about and who care about you, be a good neighbour and contribute positively to your community.

Always, the goal is to help you to gain the skills you need to be in control of your own life. We make sure that family and friends are able to be part of your life and help you to make decisions if you want their help.

Living in a staffed home means that you are supported by employees, and your personal support network to plan and choose how you want to live your own life, applying the principles of Person-Centered Active Support (PCAS). The PCAS support model encourages physical and emotional wellbeing, personal development, happiness, health and safety through individualized approaches for people living in a staffed home and consider what is important to and important for you.

A staffed home provides you with the option to live in a home where you receive support from employees who work on a schedule and provide support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You may share some areas of the home with others who live there, but you have your own room that you can decorate as you like and where you can go when you want or need time to be by yourself.

To learn more about Staffed Homes, contact one of our Directors of Programs at 604.523.0303 or email them:

Marcela Herrera

Heather Jones

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