The CLS recognizes that we are fortunate to live and work amongst and within a very culturally diverse province and as such actively celebrate and honour this diversity in meeting the varied needs of all of our stakeholders.

Planning for and recognizing our cultural competency and diversity ensures that as a Society we are being pro-active in addressing these topics throughout our values, policies, and practices in all aspects of our work in order to:

  • Enhance the quality of life all members of the CLS community by providing ongoing training, opportunities, resources, and education which promote access, awareness, dignity, and respect
  • Addressing accommodation needs, and promoting equity for our stakeholders (including socio-economic status)
  • Celebrating our diverse membership (supported individuals, families, employees, external stakeholders)
  • Effect change relating to public policy for the diverse disability population
  • Continue to meet the needs of our diverse communities (including gender, sexual-orientation, age, and culture)
  • Provide accessible, safe and respectful support including matching languages (spoken/understood), ethnicity, gender preference etc. as needed/requested for supported individuals with their staff teams
  • Support culturally diverse opportunities for supported individuals in their communities
  • Endeavour to evolve and increase our cultural sensitivity and competence as a Society (employer, service provider, community partner)