Perspectives on Citizenship - Conference Speakers
Eilionóir Flynn, LLB, PhD, Deputy Director, Centre for Disability Law and Policy, National University of Ireland.
Carol Blessing, Faculty, K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, Cornell University, United States.
Michael Bach PhD, Executive Vice President, Canadian Association for Community Living.
Simon Duffy PhD, Director, Centre for Welfare Reform, England.
John Lord, Author, Researcher, Consultant and International Authority on Independent Facilitation, Canada.
Judith McGill, Executive Director, Families for a Secure Future, Canada.
Leighton Jay PhD, Consultant and Parent, Australia.
Michelle Browning, Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University, Australia.
Julie Beadle-Brown, Tizard Centre, University of Kent, England.
Valerie Bradley MA, President, Human Services Research Institute, United States.
Sue Swenson, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, US Department of Education.
Ron Chalmers, Director General, Disability Services Commission, Western Australia.
Michael Bleasdale, CEO, Home Modifications Australia, New South Wales, Australia.
Eddie Bartnik, International Disability Policy Consultant, Australia.
Committed to
transforming human services so people with intellectual, physical and psycho-social disabilities and seniors can live as
FULL citizens.
Rights Based Social Policy