Do you have a suggestion for a video that supports our aim of transforming human service systems for people with intellectual, physical and psycho-social disabilities and seniors so that they can live as full citizens?

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Videos Produced or Suggested by Website Visitors
Jeff Moulins and Linda Perry share a story about starting one of British Columbia's first Microboards that helped Jeff to use individualized funding.
A mother shares her story about her son who accessed needed supports and services using individualized funding.
Onkar Bering talks about the benefits he gained from using individualized fundng.
Sylvie Zebroff shares her story about finding pathways to community for her son James through the use of drumming.
Tom Nerney explains self-determination and the restoration of citizenship from 3 levels: personal, organizational, and political. He cites 4 universal human aspirations to focus on: a place to call home, community membership, relationships, and work.
In Why Community?, a video produced by Community Living Winnipeg, people with disabilities talk about what does, and does not, make them feel safe.
No More Barriers is a video by the BC Self Advocacy Foundation about people with disabilities speaking up and speaking out for their rights.
In this short film produced by Open Future Learning in the United Kingdom, Beth Mount explains how person-centered work differs from system-centered work.
Committed to
transforming human services so people with intellectual, physical and psycho-social disabilities and seniors can live as
FULL citizens.
‘Together, One Dream’ is a supportive, collaborative approach, where the health and well-being of people of all ages with an intellectual disability and their families are valued and improved.
Romance, Relationships and Rights confronts misconceptions about adults with intellectual disabilities. Audiences are challenged to think differently about how we value, respect, and support self-advocates' rights to romance and intimate relationships. The production is based on research by the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship and was co-created with self-advocates supported by the Community Living Society
André Picard illustrates the impact that the poverty of loneliness has on its citizens through the use of two personal stories. André is one of Canada’s top public policy writers. His remarks were presented at McMaster Presents The Walrus Talks Healthy Cities on February 10, 2016 in Hamilton, Ontario.
Love At Second Sight is an educational video that transforms attitudes about appearance and encourages students to accept themselves and others. It's about difference and belonging, judgment and inclusion. David Roche and Marlena Blavin have presented this video live more than 100 times to grade 6-12 students.
This short film introduces the community theatre production Romance, Relationships and Rights. This public performance was created by and with self-advocates.
An animated video that describes the DISCIT research project in the European Union which seeks to improve opportunities for active citizenship and community living for people with disabilities.
Rights Based Social Policy